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Specialized Services


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We also have special services tailored to the various needs of our clients.

Quickbooks Consulting & Training
We have an Intuit Certified Professional Advisor on staff to train our clients in the use of the Quickbooks bookkeeping business software. Our advisor can also customize the program to suit the clients exact needs. We offer ongoing support and maintenance service in this field as necessary.


Electronic Services
In our continuing attempts to make our relationships with our clients more efficient, we assist and expedite our clients work by allowing them to email us Quickbooks files so that we may analyze them as necessary. This gives us the ability to analyze their own records without a need for excess work.


New Business Organization
We setup accounting systems and give general business advice to how to begin any form of business. We tailor services to what the client needs. We will asses the clients business needs and give advice for all sectors of starting a business.



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