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Individual Services


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Alan Wolfson, CPA

Here at the Firm of Alan Wolfson, C.P.A., we offer many services
directly to the individual person concerned about their taxes and/or general financial standing.


-Income Tax Preparation-
We prepare personal income tax returns utilizing the personal touch of interviewing each client upon their initial visit. In this manner, we may be able to uncover potential tax saving information that might normally be overlooked. We use state-of-the-art tax software to produce a professional product that is ready to sign and mail. We also offer a professional tax organizer that enables a taxpayer to gather all their materials in one easy to use format.


-Personal Tax Planning-
We have helped many clients to avoid "tax surprises" or potential underpayments penalties by projecting their tax liabilities through careful analysis of their income and deductions before the tax year is over. We "build" their tax profile picture until we're satisfied that we have a complete and accurate analysis and then apply the results under the latest regulations of the upcoming tax year.


-Personal Financial Statements-
Certain situations require that individuals obtain personal financial statements to document their personal assets, liabilities, and net worth. We, as a CPA firm, can prepare these statements or, if necessary, we can assist in the preparation of pro-forma statements supplied by a financial institution.


-Debt Restructuring-
We have assisted many individuals in reviewing their options to put themselves on the "track" to financial recovery. We can assist in budget preparation and potential alternatives to consolidation of debt making it easier to handle.


To discuss any of these services please feel free to contact us

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