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We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we can
give to any business. Let us take care of your tax and money issues.


-Accounting Services-
We offer accounting services to those businesses that do not have their own accounting system or do not have the ability to produce the necessary financial records required to be maintained by the Internal Revenue Service. We record all transactions and provide computerized summarizations for management use or for records use to prepare business tax returns of all types.


-Business Tax Preparation-
We can prepare sales tax and payroll related tax returns for businesses that are unable to do so on their own. Our payroll tax forms are computer generated and comply with all current government formats. We can also prepare W-2 forms alone, should the need arise.


-Corporate, Partnerships, and LLC Type Tax Preparation-
We prepare these returns either from records we compile or from client-generated reports (those require certain analysis and backup documents). These returns, which are required on an annual basis, are prepared by us through the latest computerized professional tax software.


-Financial Statements-
We prepare compilation, review level and audited financial statements depending on the specific needs of each business. Our membership in the AICPA Quality Review Program insures that we are producing the highest product available. Through our extensive library, we make certain that each statements format adhere to all the latest accounting and/or auditing standards.


-Tax Planning and Consultations-
Many businesses are pass-through entities where the income produced is reported on the individual taxpayers personal return. We assist in monitoring the income effect by projecting the business entities profit or loss and what tax alternatives could be utilized to effect this outcome.

We have also consulted with many businesses to assist in the implementation of employee benefit plans to lower the year-end tax bite. In some cases, bonuses to owners or the purchase of new equipment may provide tax relief on the entity level. Whatever the correct scenario may be, we have the experience to assist you in making the right choice before no choice exists.


To determine what would be best for your business please contact us.

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